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Women Taking Aim
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Women Taking Aim is a national womenís sport shooting organization, for all levels of experience in pistol, rifle and shotgun competition.† Women with no firearms experience, to Olympic level, benefit from and enjoy our competitions.† Our chapters also support national and local charities through volunteering and fundraising.† Please visit our Membership page to join.† At large memberships are available, but forming a chapter is simple and extremely rewarding.†

Our Mission:


 We are dedicated to the education of women in the use of firearms as a means of recreation.

 We are advocates of the education of women in all aspects of self protection, including firearms and those outside of firearm usage.

 We support the right of responsible firearm ownership.

 We encourage and promote fellowship opportunities through special events and charitable fundraising.


Our Events Include:


 All types of firearms training along with monthly educational themes

 Chapter, local, state, regional and national tournaments

 Wild Game Cooking Schools

 Quarterly cook outs or dinners

 Family and community events

 Pistol, trap & clay events as well as events at indoor and/or outdoor ranges

 Local and national charity events

 Annual Hunterís Ball

 Approved self defense programs for group and community

 National Women Taking Aim Conventions


Women Take Aim at:


 Women and Self Defense: We support and sponsor programs to educate and protect women in all walks of life.


 Women and Firearm Recreation: Supporting women in the enjoyment of various forms of firearm recreation while developing skill and confidence.


 Women and Philanthropies: Through tournaments, auctions, balls, telethons, and other means, we support many types of charities.



Our headquarters are located in Savannah Georgia, but chapters are nationwide and growing. To find a location near you, or to receive information about forming a new chapter, contact us at the phone number or email listed† below.

Submit your stories of amazing women to Women Taking Aim at contact@womentakingaim.com.†