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Pumpkin Chunking

What do you do with that Jack-O-Lantern after Halloween? Why you chunk it!

Better known in the South as the “Punk’un Chunk’un, this event is sure to be a November hit.  Here is how it works:

First, you must build a “machine” to throw your “punk’un” farther than anyone else, without the use of electricity,  gasoline, or batteries.  Secondly, it must be “family friendly” and harmless to the environment.  And lastly, it must be fun for you and those who watch you use it!

Complete details are provided to each chapter so that they may hold their own Pumpkin chunking event, which is an excellent fundraiser as well as great publicity.  Many schools, colleges and universities will go crazy with this event.

We are into projectiles, and this type is lead free!